Any Representation, statement, or other communications not written in this agreement, or made in writing pursuant thereto, are agreed to be invalid, not relied on by either party and do not survive the execution of this agreement.

The Property Owner authorizes Roof Doctors, LLC to contact the 3rd party on behalf of the Property Owner to commence the process to obtain approval to pay for the work to replace and/or repair the damage caused to the Property Owner.

For the purposes of Roof Doctors, LLC contacting the 3rd party, the Property Owner will sign any further documents or give such permission as may be reasonably required by the 3rd party. The Property Owner grants to Roof Doctors, LLC the right to give permission to any employees, sub-agents or contractors to act on behalf of Roof Doctors, LLC in assessing property damage and estimating the costs of the work and dealings with the third party.

Roof Doctors, LLC accepts the authorization by the Property Owner to commence in the process of obtaining the consent of the 3rd party for authorization and payment of the Scope of Work and for no other reason.

After reviewing the approved Scope of Work, the Property Owner and Roof Doctors, LLC will enter into a building contract for the scope of work and the amount of such contract shall be limited to the amount approved by the 3rd party (including supplements), plus any deductible.

Property Owner acknowledges the value of the Contractor “Services” provided by Roof Doctors, LLC. This value includes: onsite inspections, travel to and from property inspections, as well as meetings with 3rd party representatives, when required. Roof Doctors, LLC will provide all the necessary equipment, tools, ladder and safety equipment needed for inspections, estimates and reports. Roof Doctors, LLC will research all relevant data pertaining to weather history to assess property damage related to weather. Roof Doctors, LLC will also invest substantial resources in a team of experts to document and present damages and deficiencies. Property Owner understands there is a considerable investment of time for these services, as well as writing reports, estimates or other documentation required by the 3rd party. This could result in multiple site visits and phone calls. Property Owner agrees there is considerable value provided by Roof Doctors, LLC for these services. In the event the Property Owner fails to timely enter into a formal building contract with Roof Doctors, LLC for the approved scope of work, Property Owner agrees to immediately pay Roof Doctors, LLC twenty percent (20%) of the 3rd party award, including any deductible for services rendered, and not as a penalty. Property Owner agrees to enter into a formal building contract with Roof Doctors, LLC within 30 days of receiving any 3rd party award.

If Property Owner requires any additional building work by Roof Doctors, LLC outside of the scope of work, that work will be under a separate building contract or change order between the Property Owner and Roof Doctors, LLC and will be billed at an additional cost to the Property Owner.

The prevailing party in any litigation related to this agreement shall be entitled to an award of reasonable attorney’s fees, costs and expenses.