Let's Get Our Roof Specialists Out There to Help

Dealing with a significant leak can be alarming, but you don't have to face it alone. While your situation may be urgent, we understand the need to contain it until help arrives. Contact us immediately by filling out the form or giving us a call at 844-405-3257. Our dedicated specialists will respond promptly, ensuring on-site assistance within 48 hours to address and resolve the issue swiftly.

Ways to Contain Your Leak Until We Get There

Big Leaks

Gallons of Water on the Floor
  • Flag off the affected area to warn others and prevent accidents.
  • Place buckets or containers strategically to catch dripping water and minimize damage.
  • Use towels or mops to soak up excess water and prevent it from spreading.
  • Alert building management or maintenance personnel to the leak and request immediate assistance.
  • Consider relocating sensitive equipment or materials away from the leak to prevent damage.

Bigger Leaks

Multiple Areas with Gallons on the Floor
  • Flag off the area and create a larger perimeter to ensure safety.
  • Deploy larger buckets or containers to accommodate increased water flow.
  • Use heavy-duty tarps or plastic sheeting to cover equipment or materials that could be damaged by water.
  • Consider using sandbags or absorbent materials to contain water and prevent it from spreading further.
  • Evacuate the area if the leak poses a significant risk to occupants or if there is potential for structural damage.

The Biggest Leaks

You Can See the Sky
  • Immediately flag off the area and evacuate all occupants to a safe location.
  • Deploy large buckets, trash cans, or other containers to catch water from the leak.
  • Use heavy-duty tarps or reinforced plastic sheeting to cover equipment, machinery, or inventory that could be damaged by water.
  • Securely anchor tarps or coverings to prevent them from being dislodged by wind or water pressure.
  • Contact emergency services and building management to report the situation and request immediate assistance.
  • Follow evacuation protocols and ensure all occupants are safely evacuated from the affected area.

24/7 Emergency Services

Experience peace of mind with Roof Doctors' 24/7 emergency services, ensuring swift assistance regardless of the hour or weather conditions. For those unable to contain leaks, our expert team is deployed promptly upon agreement to our emergency protocol, expediting resolution to your roofing crisis. With a commitment to efficiency and professionalism, we mitigate and repair damage swiftly, keeping you informed throughout the process. Trust Roof Doctors to handle your urgent roofing needs with care and expertise, providing seamless service from start to finish.

Speed The Process Up - Call Us
  • Call us directly or complete the Emergency Agreement below.
  • Our team will begin coordinating the immediate deployment of resources to your location.
  • We're committed to halting any further damage to your building with swift and decisive action.
  • Rest assured, we'll work directly with your insurance company to ensure your building is restored to its pre-damage condition.
  • You can anticipate only your insurance deductible costs; our dedicated team will handle all payment arrangements directly with your insurance company.

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