Seven Signs You Need a New Roof

Topic: What are the signs you need a new roof?

Like most people you may be uncertain about when to replace your roof. Here are some roofing tips that will help you inspect your roof. First, it’s safer to leave climbing onto your roof to a professional. It’s a lot safer to do the inspection from the ground and using a pair of binoculars to help you see any problems.

If your roof is leaking your repair bills will not only include the repair of the roof but also the insulation, drywall, and paint, furniture and flooring that could come with a roof leak. Oh, and lets not forget how fun it could be dealing with insurance claims and scheduling of roofing contractors etc.


Curled Up Shingles – This can allow rain to get in and they’re easily damaged by wind.

Granules Worn Off – Granules protect the shingle from sunlight and water. If they’re worn off the shingle will deteriorate. Look for granules in your gutters and by the down-spouts. You may see dark spots on the shingles where granules are missing.

Loose Or Missing Shingles – This can cause major leakage.

Cracked Shingles – A common cause of an every day roof leak. – Nail Pops: Small holes where nails have popped through the shingle can cause leakage.

Spots On Your Interior Ceiling – May indicate that the roof system is leaking and is in need of roof repair.

Black Or Green Streaks – Algae can discolor your residential or commercial roof and make it look ugly.

Age Of Roof – Depending on the quality, most shingles last 10-25 years. If your home is the same age as others in the neighborhood that are getting new roofs, it may be time to replace yours also.

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