Fall Roofing Tips

Properly maintaining the roof on your home is essential all year around. In fact, proper roof maintenance is the best way to ensure the longevity and integrity of your home’s roof. Now that fall has arrived, this is the perfect time of the year to make sure that your roof is ready for the winter months.

While it is widely accepted that the winter weather can be very damaging to your roof and roofing materials, the summer weather can be just as much so. When the summer sun beats down on your roof and roofing materials, it will cause them to heat up and warp, causing them to break down over time.

Without proper roofing maintenance during the fall, in between the harsh and damaging weather of the summer and winter, your roof could begin to leak during the worst possible time of year to have a roof leak.

Here are some general maintenance tips for the fall:

  • If you have trees that hang over your roof, now is a good time to have the branches trimmed back. If there is a major storm during the winter months, you could wind up with a large tree branch falling on your roof. Not to mention the power of the wind blowing through the branch could pull the entire tree down on your home, depending on the health of the tree. This will also reduce the amount of leaves that accumulate on the roof of your home.
  • Having clean rain gutters that are free from debris is essential to the health of the roof on your home. If the gutters are blocked or clogged by leaves and sticks, they will flood and back water up onto the shingles of your roof. Water logged shingle material will dry out, however, they will warm and be misshapen.
  • This is a great time to have a professional roofing technician come to your home to inspect your roof. He or she will look at the materials on your roof, inspect around the outside of any skylights, chimneys, or vents, and ensure that the gutters are clean and free of obstruction.

Use the mild temperatures of fall to make sure that your roof has made it through the summer months without lasting damage, and that it is ready to stand up to the harsh weather of the winter that is just around the corner.

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