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Nashville Roofer – Roof Art

Roof Art has been around for years. Normally the artwork is a theme of what the business is. Like different colors of shingles like that of a Minnesota barn, weaved into a 70 foot design of a brown and white dairy cow, or a bright yellow shark on top of a flat roof of a…
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Nashville Roofer – 10 Most Common Causes of Roof Leaks

The 10 Most Common Causes of Roof Leaks Let’s face it: No one wants to have to go running for a drip bucket every time it rains. Not only is having to stay on top of the weather forecast annoying and impractical, but that one small drip symbolizes a larger roofing issue – and we…
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Nashville Roofer – Five Roofing Maintenance Tips

Five Roofing Maintenance Tips One of the most common and costly issues homeowners call on a contractor for is to fix a leaky roof. Not surprisingly, most property owners do not have the expertise (or desire) to get onto their roofs and look for problems themselves.  Here are five roofing maintenance tips that will hopefully…
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Nashville Roofer – Ten Things That Will Damage Your Roof

While the roof of our home is an important part of life, we rarely give it a close look. We may not notice there’s a problem until something goes wrong. It’s a good idea to know what causes damage to a roof so even if you can’t get up there to inspect it first hand,…
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